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Red Grapefruit Spritzer with Basil Seeds


· 25ml Red Grapefruit Syrup

· 100ml Soda Water

· 100ml Lemonade

· 3 Teaspoons of Basil Seeds

· Slice of Grapefruit for Garnish

· Ice

Extra Add-Ons if you want:

Chop up fresh 2 slices of fresh grapefruit (Pealed and taken out of casing) and add to the drink for extra flavor


1. Pour 25ml of Grapefruit Syrup into your glass

2. Add Ice and Grape Fruit Slice for Garnish

3. Pour over 100ml of Soda Water and 100ml of Lemonade

4. Scoop in 3 Teaspoons of basil seeds

5. Stir with your straw and leave it for 2-3 minutes

6. Watch the basil seeds expand

7. Enjoy

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