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Tiger Milk Tea

Updated: Apr 26, 2021


· 25ml Brown Sugar Syrup

· 100ml Black Tea

· 200ml Milk

· 60g Cooked Tapioca Pearls


1. Place 60g of cooked Tapioca Pearls in a glass

2. Pour 25ml Brown Sugar Syrup into the shaker

3. Add the black tea and milk tea into the shaker

4. Add ice and shake

5. Line your glass with “Tiger Stripes” using the brown sugar Syrup.

6. Pour the shaken mixture into your glass

7. Enjoy

Fun Facts

What is Tigers Milk

Inspired by one of the most popular bubble tea drinks currently on the market, Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Syrup is our version of black sugar bigger (bottle), "thicker" and "stickier" to be drizzled on the side of cups to make your tiger stripes! * Dark and thick crystalline syrup with sweet, caramelized flavour.

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