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Monthly Bubble Tea Subscription

We are in month two of our monthly subscription boxes and we have a total of 20 subscribers.

I wonder how many UCook had in the beginning...

Well, our dream is to be as big as Ucook... just bubble tea not food.

It really is a sweet deal, if you order all ingredients individually it will cost you over R420 excluding delivery. If you order a small bubble tea gift box it will cost you R400 exluding delivery.

The monthly subcription is R350 including delivery.

And you can cancel anytime.

See kindergarden maths below ;)

Lots of love

Little B

1 Bottel of Boba R85

1 Bottle of Fruit Syrup R55

1 Bottle of Mik Tea Powder R65

1 Bag of Tapioca R90

1 Bottle of Brown Sugar Syrup R65

1 Bottle of Jasmine Green Tea R20

1 Bottle of Black Tea R20

1 Bottle of Rooibos Tea R20

1 Special Ingredient

4 Straws

1 Shaker (Month 1 Only)

1 25m./50ml Tot Measure (Month 1 Only)

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