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Want to order but you have no idea where to start?

Here are a couple of things you should know:

1. Bursting Boba and Fruit Syrup go together. You can also try our Nata de Coco Jellies with your fruit tea.

2. Tapioca Pearls and Milk Powders go together

3. Fruit teas are usually made with Rooibos tea or Green Tea

4. Milk teas are usually made with Black Tea

5. Fructose syrup is a sweater like sugar/honey/condensed milk

6. Brown Sugar syrup is poured over the Tapioca pearls after they are cooked to give them that yummy unique taste.

7. Non Diary creamer can be added with our Milk Powder flavors to make the drink more creamy - like adding Creamora to your coffee and adding milk?

8. Our Milk tea powders are not vegan but our syrups are - that is why there is a matcha milk powder and a matcha syrup. All our Boba and there rest of our ingredients are also vegan. There is no gelatin in our Boba or in our nata de coco

9. All our products are Halaal.

10. If you are new and want to try bubble tea - order our small bubble tea gift box. It will give you a taste of everything you need to decide what type of bubble tea you like.

If all else fails, send a WhatsApp to our emergency bubble tea hotline: 0761392396 we can answer any questions that you might have.

Lots of love

Little B

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