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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between Tapioca Pearls and Bursting Boba?

Tapioca Pearls are chewy like gummy bears and made of tapioca flour and brown sugar.

Bursting Boba are small fruit pockets that burst in your mouth when you bite them.

2. How can I choose a market (example: Rosebank Sunday Market) as my delivery option?

Place all your items in your basked and add pickup at Rosebank Market also into your basket as an item.

When checking out, select Pickup at Store as your delivery option (So that the system will not charge you)

We will see Rosebank as an item on our order and know to send it to the market.

3. What if I want to order online but pay cash when I pick up my order at the office or at a market?

When you place your order online select Pay Offline as your payment method. You can then pay with cash when you pick up your parcel.

4. If I subscribe to your monthly subscription box, can I cancel anytime and is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, You can cancel anytime. No there isnt a cancellation fee.

5. If I choose Option 1 for my first subscription, can I choose Option 2 where I select my own flavors the next month if I want?

Yes, You get to choose every month.

6. Are your products Halaal Certified?

Yes, all our products are Halaal and Vegan Friendly

7. How do your loyalty cards work that you hand out at the markets?

For every drink you order you get 1 stamp. Once your card is full, you get 1 drink for free.

Once you have filled up 5 loyalty cards, you get 1 small bubble tea gift box for free (You need to give us all 5 cards)

8. Which cities are Major Centers?

Pretoria, Johannesburg, Nylspruit, Bloemfontein, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town.

All other cities and towns are considered Regional Centers.

9.How many teaspoons of tealeaves must I use for 1 500ml drink?

1 teaspoon for 1 cup

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