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Gontse Malatji - The Mechanic

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

This week Gontse, Ocean and myself were sitting at a market waiting for the regular market visitors to arrive. We were chatting about business and how important it is these days to have more than one avenue of income.

Ocean agreed and said that him and his wife would like to start a spaza shop near their home. He is just still looking for the perfect location with many feet.

Gontse also commented and mentioned that sometimes he replaces break pads and does small services on cars at his home in Soshaguve for an extra buck or two and just there out of thin air, Gontses' Garage was born.

I grabbed a piece of paper, we started writing down some ideas for names, a price list and designed a sign that he can put up outside to attract new customers. He told me that he borrows his uncles tools because he doesn't have his own.

On Monday after cleaning all the market boxes Gontse, Emily, my husband Kevin and I drove to Midas. We bought him a toolbox, hydraulic jack and stand kit. (I had no idea what most of the things were - Kevin helped and I was on Emily duty while she was running around the shop)

On Friday I will be picking up his Corex Business Sign and hopefully Gontse will be able to start seeing his business grow by next week...

It got me thinking...

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Lots of love

Little B

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